Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Day

What a lovely day, I had the rare opportunity to sleep in this morning which left me feeling much better than yesterday. I also got out and about on my lunch break this afternoon and truly enjoyed the sunny weather. I wrote a letter to my two pals that have just moved to Colorado, and I've decided to devote significant time in writing them a monthly letter. Id like to include photos and trinkets for them, making it more of a care package than a letter. Neither of the two are from RI originally but found themselves staying a bit longer after finishing college. I know they each have a fondness for the Ocean State and will certainly miss it.

I'm about to begin making a crocheted blanket for a friend of mine that is expecting. She is due in January and the baby shower is in November. I'm hoping to get started on the blanket this weekend and have it finished by the shower. She has decided not to learn the sex of the baby so i want to make something fun an creative that is gender neutral and preferably not yellow. Ill be sure to post some picture of my progress.

I found this great photo on another blogger's site, you'll have to forgive me if it was your blog as i can't remember where i had seen it. It made me smile because mine and my roommate's initials are S & B and we often refer to each other as such. I thought it would be so great to have these for our apartment.

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